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ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер SHB Saalfelder Hebezeugbau GmbH more [английский] [немецкий]

Страна: Германия
Район: Sachsen
Город: Saalfeld/Saale
Улица: Straße der Freiheit 1
Телефон: +48 62 7408775
Факс: +48 62 7408895
Firm Rank: star
logoDie SHB GmbH ist ein mittelständiges Unternehmen, daß sich u.a. mit der Konstruktion und Fertigung von Komponenten der Kran- und Fördertechnik beschäftigt. Die Produktpalette umfasst neben Trommelbremsen nach DIN 15435 ebenso Scheibenbremsen, Hydraulikpuffer und Laufräder. SHB Trommel-und Scheibenbremsen sind für den schweren Industrieeinsatz konzipiert und werden vor allem als Notstopp- und Haltebremsen für hohe Bremsleistungen eingesetzt. Hauptanwendungsgebiete sind Krane und Förderanlagen[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер BDT-SYSTEM more

Страна: Польша
Район: Sub-Carpathia
Город: Rzeszów
Улица: Kosynierów 15
Телефон: +48 17 8525575
Факс: +48 17 8501957
Firm Rank: star
logoDear Sirs! You have thought many times how to reduce your internal costs. Yet not so far ago we did not realize the scale of the procurement costs incurred by a company. Such costs include searching of a procuct and a supplier, selection of an offer, ordering process, putting into a warehouse, accounting service and time wasted for all these activities, which is particularly precious in case of failures. We invite you to cooperation in the scope of technical information, selection and[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер Tama Polska Sp. z o.o. more

Страна: Польша
Район: Lodz
Город: Sieradz
Улица: Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej 12A
Телефон: +48 43 8220452
Факс: +48 43 8220453
Firm Rank: star
logoTama Polska Ltd. is an independent division of Tama Plastic Industry, the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural nets for press balling. Tama Polska Ltd. – offers netwrap, the latest generation produced by unique technologies and sold in all markets of the world for many years. Tama Company owns many patents to improve the production of a netwrap. We produce the standard nets in white color (Astra) and light green color (Tama Covernet, Tama Ecobull) and Premium netwrap TamaNet+ (2800m,[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер F.H.P. Narzędziowiec more

Страна: Польша
Район: Silesia
Город: Tychy
Улица: Dojazdowa 10
Телефон: +48 032 3262890
Факс: +48 032 2168096
Firm Rank: star
logoOur firm has been functioning since 1991. Our main goal is to provide You highest quality tools. We have a wide range of products by such companies as: CWalter, Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Unior, Stahlwille, Pferd, Martor, Kukko, ASW, Klann, Hazet, Ruko. Long-term experience in hand-tools distribution guarantees competent help in choosing the right product. We provide full workshop equipement. Our offer is constantly updated to ensure that tools reach proper standards. We equip many companies, including[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер ARGO FPH Edward Ciechanowski more [английский] [немецкий]

Страна: Польша
Район: Lesser Poland
Город: Kraków
Улица: Karaszewicza-Tokarzewskiego 37c
Телефон: +48 12 6555605
Факс: +48 12 3767808
Firm Rank: star
logoFirma ARGO ist ein Familienunternehmen, dessen Geschichte auf 3 Generationen zurückgeht. Der Gründer, Adam Ciechanowski, beschaftigte sich mit den Schlosserarbeiten und war in den 20-er Jahren vorigen Jahrhunderts ein bekannter Handwerker der Krakauer Zunft. Sein Sohn, Stefan Ciechanowski erbte ARGO und erweiterte das Aktionsfeld der Firma. Er machte sich an die Produktion von solchem Malerzubehör wie Schaber, Spachtel, Farbewannen. Im Jahre 1977 wurde ARGO von Edward Ciechanowski übernommen,[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер Nord Napędy sp. z o.o. more

Страна: Польша
Район: Lesser Poland
Город: Wieliczka
Улица: Grottgera 30
Телефон: +48 012 288 99 00
Факс: +48 12 288 99 11
Firm Rank: star
logoIf you are a user of gearmotors, gear reducers, or mechanical power transmission, you will appreciate the unique design features of NORD products. But NORD Gear is about more than just the product. It is also about the combination of people and technology providing industry leading service. Our expanding assembly facilities and world-wide computer network combine to provide you with quick and accurate deliveries. Do you need your product in two days, next day, or even same day? If we have it,[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер TIK Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd more

Страна: Китай
Район: Китай
Город: Chengdu
Улица: No. 11 Niusha Road, Jinjiang District,
Телефон: +86 28 69180466
Факс: +86 28 62493070
Firm Rank: star
Who we are? TIK Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TIK Bearing) is a professional bearing manufacturer in China. It was founded in 1995 and has a wealth of technical expertise in manufacturing various ball and roller bearings. We inspect bearing's quality to ensure them performing exactly as specified. This is the reason for our continuing growth and success. In the past ten years, by means of its good quality and competitive prices, our bearings had been exported to more than thirty countries worldwide[...]

ЕврофирмаПроверенный Партнер Siemens Finance Sp.z o.o. more

Страна: Польша
Район: Mazovia
Город: Warszawa
Улица: Żupnicza 11
Телефон: +48 22 8708669
Факс: +48 22 8708656
Firm Rank: star